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Welcome to Fetamania

In our pages you may find information about Feta (Φέτα) cheese, play the game we have prepared for you, and learn about the various events and happenings we have planned. By playing our game, you can participate in our competitions, while you can immediately win a mobile phone game, by clicking here.

About CheeseNet

Cheesenet is a non-profit organisation, established at Karditsa in January 1998. It aims at the promotion and general support of Greek cheese in general, and Feta (Φέτα) in particular.

Its founders and members are 13 small to medium businesses, active in the production of dairy products. CheeseNet has successfully produced technical material that was then used by the EU in its deliberations regarding Feta's characterisation as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product. Its kiosk at Besse, France was visited by former French President Giscard D'Estaing, who observed to the Media, "... I love Greek Feta".

CheeseNet aims at promoting Feta (Φέτα) to young consumers, through a new program that utilises modern media techniques.

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