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Fetamania News

Date Title
29 Mar 09 PDO cheeses cause a sensation in UK IFE 09 exhibition
20 Oct 07 Cheesenet in Anuga 07 exhibition
21-24 Sep 07 Feta plays in the "Big League" ("Slow Food")
July 07 Fetamania Tournament
July 07 CheeseNet and HEPO at IFE, London
July 07 Cheesenet in Bulgaria
June 06 Fetamania Cup Academy Closing Ceremony
May 06 Fetamania in Volos
May 06 Fetamania in Salonica
May 06 Fetamania in Alexandroupoli
May 06 Fetamania Veterans' team plays against Stuttgard team
Jan 06 4th International Gastronomy Festival
Oct 05 EU Court supports "Feta" as a PDO product
Oct 05 Fetamania... spreads out - Athens
Oct 05 Fetamania in Ioannina
Oct 05 Excellent Impressions from Fetamania shows in Patra
Mar 05 Fetamania in Copenhagen
Mar 05 Fetamania Cup Kalamaki
Mar 05 Fetamania in Karditsa
Mar 05 Fetamania visits 2nd and 4th Glyfada Highschool
Mar 05 Fetamania visits 2nd Moschato Highschool
Mar 05 Fetamania visits 3rd Alimos Highschool
Mar 05 Fetamania visits 5th and 7th Nea Smirni Highschool
Dec 04 Fetamania starts at Head Chefs' Club
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